A Cheesy Taxing Reality

Ouch. My early morning news feed had a nasty eye opener this morning.

It looks like the holiday cheeseboards will get pricier this holiday season if you plan on using imported European cheeses. Seemingly overnight, a 25% tax was slapped on an array of European goods, some of which are French wines, Italian cheeses, and single malt scotch whiskey.

I haven’t gotten my hands on the full list just yet, however, my holiday cheese indulgences  did immediately spring to mind. Will I be paying 25% more for Gruyere, Stilton, Parmesan? Most likely yes. The tariffs are supposed to hit mid October, which means there’s still time to stock up.

Alas, I began to wonder,  if I do stock up, how should I store it? Keeping it in the spare fridge doesn’t always work so well due to the temptation staring back at me every time I run down to grab the spare eggs or milk.

That said, I remembered an old blog post I wrote years ago…it has a handy tip worth sharing:

In general, cheese doesn’t lend itself to being frozen, but take note that Stilton, England’s historic blue, freezes quite well! I gleaned this little tidbit years ago while I was poking around the website for the Stilton Cheese. The cheese can be cut into six ounce portions, wrapped in foil or cling wrap, and then frozen for about three months. To defrost the cheese, simply let it thaw in the fridge or the larder for about 24 hours. The slow defrost method is recommended because it prevents the cheese from becoming too crumbly!

So, let’s put the deep freeze on this cheesy taxing reality, folks!



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