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Sweet Peas in Spode Larder Jug, June 2021
Garden sweet peas in a Spode larder jug, June 2021
Leaf, Sweet and Genovese Basil for Pesto, June 2021
Three basils on deck for pesto-Leaf Basil, Sweet, and Genovese, June 2021
Beat the Bolt Basil Pesto with Sunflower Seeds
Beat the Bold Basil with Sunflower Seeds, June 2021

Tulips from Roozengarde in Mount Vernon, April 2021
Tulip by the bunch from Roozengarde during Tulip Fest, April 2021
The amazing Nectarine and Sweet Geranium Jam recipe that I learned at the Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland.
June 2017. Hooked on Homer. The halibut capital of the world!
Miller’s Landing RV park in Seward, Alaska. A beautiful waterfront RV located off the beaten path in this iconic seaside town.
June 2017. Arriving at Tutka Bay Lodge for a cooking class at their charming cooking school in a converted boat called The Widgeon II
June 2017. Surveying Kachemak Bay in Alaska. A rich pristine water way that teems with wildlife.
June 2017. Alaskan halibut and king and coho salmon caught in the waters near Homer, Alaska, processed and flash frozen within a day. Getting ready for the flight home to Seattle!
My homegrown tomatoes stashed in a handmade piece of pottery from Beaumont Pottery in Maryland.
Zucchini Medley from the blockbuster harvest this summer. Shown are yellow and green as well as Eight Ball and Costoluto Romanesco
Spode Blue Room is one of my all time favorite patterns. Here, I plopped some fresh raspberries into a handmade berry dish and then set it on a Spode platter. Pure summer!
Blue and white summer table scape featuring ISIS ceramics and Spode Blue Italian, both from England
Missy's Jumbleberry Jam Bars...a sweet creation concocted while cleaning the fridge!
Inspired by Monet's Garden at Giverny

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