Crafting Content for Main Street

Writing. Editing. Fact checking.

I’ve been at this gig for thirty years now.  Of course, I’ve learned many things over the years but one thing that really strikes me is that as much as things change, they also remain very much the same.

One of those things is without a doubt the power of the written word.

Over the course of my career, I’ve seen the dramatic shifts in publishing, both in platforms and in standards. To adapt to those shifts, I’ve also utilized my training in an infinite number of ways and for a variety of clients and publishers across platforms, developing recipes, writing press releases and newsletters, crafting social media content, writing blog posts for Amazon and most recently acting as a Contract Editor for Amazon here in Seattle.

One of my favorite challenges these days is helping my cadre of small business owners. Small business is a quiet but mighty economic engine here in the United States, but I believe it’s these folks who often get caught between a rock and hard place. They don’t have the resources to tap the expertise of a large media company and many of these business owners are so busy tackling the day to day operations that they simply don’t have the bandwidth or desire at the end of the day to craft content and engaging social media for their customer.

That’s where I come in.

I love working with small businesses. I find that listening to them, hearing their story, brainstorming ideas, and writing about what makes them unique is a cost-effective tool.

Basically, it’s a simple time-tested tool that brings customers OFF the sidewalk and IN the door.

So, if you have a small business, contact me to craft the content you need on Main Street!