Cool Tip for Leftover Citrus

Frozen CitrusLeftovers. Not exactly exciting but a fact of life. And…sometimes the best source of innovation.

A few weeks ago we had a party and my husband had segmented lemons and limes for cocktails. The next morning we had quite a few left but the pieces weren’t really suitable for cooking. They were too small to  work with.  I couldn’t squeeze much out of them and zesting them would have been a tedious task at best.

Rather than throw them out, I decided to just chuck the lemons and limes in a baggie and toss them in the freezer. At the time, i didn’t think too much about it.  I just figured they’d come in handy.

Well, last week I decided to spontaneously add a few of the frozen sections to my Hydro Flask in the morning. Wow! The results were spectacular. The frozen lemons and limes naturally chilled the water like ice and the aromatic oils from the citrus naturally flavored the concoction.

I love this tip and plan to use it often now that summer is here!


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