NW Sweet Cherry Season 2016

Burlat Cherries Mattawa 2016Looks like the NW Sweet Cherry season for 2016 is off to a strong (and early) start.

My husband picked up a gorgeous bag of Burlat cherries at a roadside stand out near Mattawa, WA this weekend. Shocked that they could be local, I did some research and indeed, according to the Yakima Herald,  the farmers are starting to  harvest this early variety.

Aside from being fun to eat and a spectacular seasonal treat, sweet cherries, like their sour cousins, possess some helpful anti-inflammatory properties, and may help  to reduce your risk or modify the severity of diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, blood pressure and cancer. (Back in 2014, the results of a study were published and you can read more about that in this press release that I wrote for NW cherries.)

So if you like to eat fresh seasonal fare that can easily give your body a healthy boost, head for the produce aisle and seriously consider adding a bag of cherries to your cart. They are packable, portable and, of course, palatable. Kids love them, too so it’s a slam dunk way to help them hit their fruit and veggie goal for the day.

When choosing, look for shiny cherries with bright green stems and store them in the refrigerator at home. Eat them out of hand, or pit them and add them to sweet and savory salads!


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