For Better Baking, Call the King Arthur Baker’s Hotline!

What’s your baking go to resource? Who do you call when you’ve got a quandary?

Do you pull those recipes from the family recipe box and wonder what the heck Nanny was talking about with that recipe hastily scribbled on the back of an envelope yet saved for decades?

Well, much like the infamous, Butter Ball Hotline, which fields calls from harried turkey roasters around Thanksgiving, King Arthur Flour, based in Vermont, has a Baker’s Hotline. I have indeed used this resource over the years and it’s wonderful but we rarely hear much about it. In this era of Google, TikTok and Chat GPT, folks are hunting for solutions in a myriad of ways but alas, the source can sometimes be a bit dicey. Need some insights on a substitution? Having trouble scaling ingredients? Wondering how to use a different pan? The fifteen baking specialists on the King Arthur Hotline can offer great insights and guidance and it’s worth keeping the number handy as we launch into the season of pies, cookies, breads, and cinnamon rolls!

I was reminded of this today when I was sharing some Bundt pan baking tips with a young baker. I soon suggested the pros at the King Arthur Baker’s Hotline and thought it would be worthwhile sharing again as we all reach for those baking pans, recipe boxes, and very pricey baking ingredients!

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