Social Distancing: From the Ground UP!

The new norm of social distancing has us all hunkering down at home. There are a million ways to cope with this unprecedented shift and for me this has had me ramping up  my efforts in the garden.

Ironically, I’ve always used my time in the garden as a way to get a little respite from the world around me. Digging, clipping, weeding, fertilizing, harvesting and planting go a long way towards bringing me a little peace while also keeping me busy.

I know that everyone doesn’t have a garden, particularly those folks living in apartments, condos, RVs and other dwellings. That said, with a little imagination, everyone can find a way to grow something. Just yesterday, I packed up a “Mini Garden to Go” and shipped it in a flat rate US Post Office box to my daughter, who now lives in New York.

Working on a whim, I gathered seed packets of quick growing goodies, such as micro greens, arugula, baby smoothie greens  and nasturtiums. I added some peat pellets, a few markers, a mini greenhouse (aka recycled Costco Cookie box) and  then ordered her a bag of Miracle Gro Expand and Grow Concentrated potting soil from Amazon. (NYC apartments are small so I thought the “expand and grow soil” was a very cool space saving option!)

She hasn’t received her  “Mini Garden to  Go” yet, but in the meantime, I encourage others to look out the window and explore the options. Do you have some random pots with withered plants from last year sitting on the front steps? Clear them out and give them a reboot. Have a corner of the yard that’s bare but gets some sun? Get digging! Have a sunny window in the kitchen but few other options? At the very least, maybe grow some sprouts!

For me, I’ve been expanding some of the beds I already have, adding compost and manure. I’ve also been sowing more seeds than usual. We don’t know where this will all take us, but I do know that the demand for fresh fruits and vegetables at the food bank will be off the charts this year so I’m planning ahead, digging deep and gearing up while being socially distant!




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