Gear up with a Rice Cooker

rice cookerAre you gearing up for the back to school frenzy?

Have your children already gone back to school? If so, then I’d like to tout the benefits of the rice cooker. A hiqh-quality cooker is positively priceless on those evenings when you need to crank out dinner, but you haven’t exactly planned accordingly.

I purchased my Zojirushi about twelve years ago and even though I paid more than $200 for it back then, I am positively certain that it has saved me countless dollars. There have been many many evenings when I decide to crank out a stir fry or other random dish and then decide to use my rice cooker for the rice. I simply load the machine with basmati or medium-grain brown rice, add water, program the machine for the type of rice at hand, and then hit the ON button. The rice takes care of itself while I tackle the veggies and other tasks.

Rice is, of course, one of those dinner staples that can please many palates. It can be dressed up or down. It can be easily transformed into an Asian, Indian, or Mexican-inspired side dish. And, it can certainly act as a blank slate when you are faced with a motley collection of leftovers.

So, if the back to school frenzy has you frazzled, buy a rice cooker and load it up. It will give you more time to cook dinner, weed through paperwork, or tackle that horrific math problem!

And, rest assured that even if you can’t do that wacky new math, your rice will be perfect…every time!

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