A Bouncy Tip for Cranberries

Well, it looks like cranberry season has arrived.

Do you know how to test a cranberry for freshness?  You simply bounce it on the counter. If it bounces skyward, it’s a keeper.  If it rolls sluggishly, it’s probably a dud. Predictably enough, kids  love trying out this test for freshness. I’ve had many sessions in the kitchen during the holidays when my “helpers” spontaneously started bouncing cranberries hither and yon in order to test for freshness.

For additional ideas on serving cranberries or creating cranberry crafts this holiday season, check out Ocean Spray’s recipe section for ideas! Warm Cranberry Wassail, Cranberry-Ginger-Soju Fizz or Cedar Planked Salmon with Spiced Cranberry Relish look good…

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