A Seasonal Tool for Apples!

A hefty haul of Gravenstein Apples from a local NW orchard.
A hefty haul of Gravenstein Apples from a local NW orchard.

Have you tried the Apple/Potato peeler from Back to Basics located in Draper, Utah?

I have one of these nifty contraptions and now that apple season is in full swing, I am cranking my peeler at full speed.

I don’t know the history behind this wonderful invention, but it is absolutely astounding the way it can peel, core, and slice an apple in seconds. My children are always amazed at the instantaneous transformation and without fail they smile when I hand them a beautifully sliced and peeled apple. Somehow, I think those thin peeled slices taste so much better than peeled apple chunks.

While in the mood for a basic buttery apple cake one evening, I gathered an array of apples, readied my peeler, positioned my KitchenAid, and printed the recipe from the awesome Land O Lakes website. The apples were peeled and sliced in a heartbeat, and the finished product looked exactly the same as the one in the website’s photo. I plan to make this buttery baked good again. Thankfully, the Back to Basics peeler makes the whole process a snap!

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