Al Dente Revisited

From 2009 to 2012, I was a contributor to Amazon’s Al Dente blog. A kitchenware blog covering an array of unique topics evolving around food, cookware, culinary trends, food related travel and recipes, Al Dente was widely read. During that time,  I posted nearly daily and my inspiration while doing so was drawn from my experiences cooking for my family, traveling, reading, researching, networking, and gardening.

Over the course of four years of writing for Al Dente, I created nearly 900 blog posts. Thankfully, when I started writing for the blog I ensured that I could write the posts and retain ownership of my work. During the summer of 2012, my teenage daughter was my paid summer intern and one of her tasks on the “to do” list was to save and archive all of those posts. A tedious task at best, Carolyn powered through it and made sure each post was archived and saved.

Thankfully, that task proved priceless that fall when the blog was shut down. I have been rereading those posts and realize that much of the content remains relevant and useful even though they were written a number of years ago. Hence, I am in the process of sorting, analyzing and reutilizing that content and some of it will be reposted here on my new blog. I will post them with the original publication dates in order to be accurate in terms of timing. The best way for readers find those posts will most likely be through the “Al Dente Revisited” category.

Wild Blackberries are Ripe and Ready in Seattle, August 2012

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